Climate March London 2019

As the climate change crisis grows stronger, countries around the world continue with a lack of political will to push for major solutions. The effects of this inaction will be felt mostly by the younger generations.

People's future's keep being gambled with for profit and power. We all have a right to a better earth, and a duty to fight for it. This, and other strikes, as well lifestyle changes are what we all should be doing, striving for a better environment and life for the whole planet.

Brazil Presidential Elections 2018

Demonstrations outside of Brazil’s embassy in London, during the 2018 presidential election.

Exit-Brexit March London 2018

500 thousand people marched through the streets of London, showing support towards remaining in the EU, as an exit without a deal becomes a dire reality.

Trash Capital

A mini-series about the dire trash situation in central London. Famous for being the capital of the world, London attracts a lot of tourism, and consequently, this mass tourism leads to a major influx of trash on the streets. But who's to blame here?